Detailed Instructions for Creating a Bulk SMS campaign

To create a new campaign in SUAS, select Bulk SMS under Apps -> SMS.

The process of creating a campaign has 5 phases. See details below, or check our walk through video.

New Campaign

Give your campaign a name.

All campaign names need to be unique. 


Upload File

Contacts are uploaded using a CSV file. 

A maximum of three columns can be used (mobile number, message, scheduled send time).

The minimum required information is the mobile number column (an example file can be downloaded underneath this article).

Mobile numbers

  • Numbers need to be in the E.164 general format
    [country code without 00 or +][mobile number without leading 0]

    • Example (for Irish mobile 0861234567): 


  • If the message is unique for each receiver, the message needs to be included in the CSV.

  • If the same exact message needs to be sent to all recipients, this doesn't necessarily need to be included in the CSV and can be added in the Pre-process stage. 

  • There are no restrictions on message length. Please note that one SMS is 160 characters, if more than this is used, the message will appear as one to the receiver but you will be billed for as many messages as required.


  • If all message are to be sent out simultaneously, time doesn't need to be included in the CSV. Send time can be detailed in the Options stage. 

  • If messages should not be sent at the same time, third column in the CSV needs to detail the send time for each recipient. 

    • Format is DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS (24h clock). For instance, to send the message at noon, 1st July 2018, use 01/07/2018 12:00:00
    • NOTE: All times are in UTC - please use the below timezone converter as needed



At this stage, the CSV file is validated. If any errors are found, these need to be corrected before moving to the next stage. 

If there are only a few errors, these can be amended directly in SUAS by clicking on the pen icon next to the row in question. If there are a multitude of errors, it is recommended to amend the CSV file itself.

It is also possible to move back a step and reload the file after making the necessary amendments in a CSV editor, just click on Previous to upload the file again.




  • If left unticked and the CSV did not include a scheduled send time, the messages will simply be sent out immediately.

  • If all messages should be sent out at the same scheduled time later, you can detail the time here.
    • NOTE: If the scheduled send time was already specified in the CSV, ticking this option will override any dates detailed in the file.
    • NOTE: All times are in UTC - please use the below timezone converter as needed


This determines which messages are prioritised by Solgari engine when processing the campaigns. Bulk SMS by default is considered Medium, which is fine for most campaigns.

Alphanumeric Source Address

  • Choose from the dropdown what the recipient will see as the message sender (typically, your company's name).
  • If no selection is made, the standard SMS number will be shown instead of an alphanumeric sender ID.

Flash messages are a form of SMS shown on directly on the receiver's phone screen (even on lock screen). Flash messages are deleted directly after they've been dismissed by the recipient and are not stored anywhere on the phone.

Delivery Report 
This feature is currently under construction.


Finish and Commit

After all options are selected, click Finish.

You will be taken to the commit page - once you select commit the campaign will be uploaded to the SMS loader and messages will be sent at the specified time.

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