How to Log In and Out of Queues

Agents can log themselves in and out of queues in a few different ways; 

Pressing the 'Q' button on the softphone dial pad screen, white means logged in and grey logged out.
If the agent is a member of several queues - the agent can be logged in or out of specific queues through the switchboard 

Press on the Switchboard icon, highlighted

Go to 'Q-Manager' view and click on the relevant queue
Right click on top of the agent name and choose 'Logout/in from queue' 

Dialing the below codes from their phone

*62 logs the Agent into queue/s
*63 logs the Agent out of queue/s

If an Agent is a member of several different queues - but not logged into them all - the system will remember the queue setup when the 'Q' button or the star codes are used.

Example; An Agent is member of Queues 1, 2 and 3 but currently only logged into Queue 2. If the Agent clicks on the 'Q' button, the Agent will be logged out of Queue 2. When the 'Q' button is clicked again, the Agent will only be logged into Queue 2.

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