How to Start an Ad-Hoc Conference Call from Deskphone

An ad-hoc conference call can be started using a handset or any other Solgari endpoint, steps to take are;

  1. Dial 700 or 7000 depending on the extension scheme used (3 or 4 digits used)
  2. Dial any number you want to use as conference ID and then # 

    NOTE - If you are using a conferencing PIN, please enter as conference ID*PIN# 
    (for instance, if  you want to create a conference with the ID of 54321 and your PIN is 1234, dial 54321*1234#

  3. Press * to confirm (or # to cancel)
  4. System will ask you to state your name and the meeting starts
  5. Share the conference ID with the attendees

To get other people to join the meeting;

  • For internal users, they need to dial 700 or 7000 and, when prompted, enter the Conference ID used
  • For external people, they need to dial the external conference number and, when prompted, enter the Conference ID used
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