Create a Scheduled Conference Call

  1. Click on the conference icon.
  2. Click “Schedule Conference”.
  3. Fill in the Conference Name, Description and the DID number that external participants will need to dial in order to access your conference.
    NOTE! DID number is not needed if the email template used by your company includes the conference call numbers.
  4. Set the starting and ending date and time.
  5. Check “Enable announcements” to hear an announcement when a participant enters the conference.
  6. Press “Next” button to continue.
  7. Select the internal participants to your conference by checking the boxes next to their names. Click “Next” to add external participants. If you have no external participants click “Schedule Now”.
  8. Type the emails of the external contacts and press the “+” button to add emails to the list. To include contacts from your Company Phonebook click on the “Add more people” icon. Select contacts and click the “Ok” button.
  9. Click “Schedule Now” to schedule your conference.
  10. All participants will receive an email invite to the conference with the number to call and the PIN needed to use to access your conference.
  11. To view, edit or delete your scheduled conferences go to your conference tab and click “Scheduled Conference”. To edit press the “Pencil” icon and to delete press the “Trash bin” icon.


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