Creating an Ad-Hoc Conference Call

To start a conference call immediately;

  1. Click on the conference icon.
  2. Click “Create Conference”.
  3. Select contacts by clicking the checkbox next to their name and/or add numbers not in your contact list by pressing “Add Number”. Type the number in the entry field and click “+”. To remove a number click the “Trash can”
  4. Click “Start Now” to start the conference. You will receive an incoming call from the 3CX Phone System. Answer it to enter the conference.
  5. The conference starts when at least another person joins. Other participants you have invited may join the conference at any time.
  6. To add more contacts to an ongoing conference, click the “Add more people” button, select contacts, or add numbers and click “Start Now”.
  7. To disconnect people from your conference tap the red phone button. To reconnect people to your conference click the vertical phone button.
  8. To mute a participant click on the microphone icon.
  9. Terminate the conference by clicking “Stop Conference” at the bottom of your conference tab.


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