Call Recordings in ComView

Recordings for archived extensions as well as ad-hoc call recordings (for compliance bundle customers) can be retrieved through ComView. 

If a call was recorded, when it is highlighted, a player will appear underneath the listed calls and the recording can be played directly on the browser or downloaded, screenshot below.


Multiple recordings in one call

One call can have several recordings for it if it was transferred over to different users, see example below. In this case the call was transferred two times, the information shown on the list is the number dialling in and the first step of the call, which in this case was a digital receptionist with the system extension 801. 


The full call journey can be seen by clicking on 'Journey'. 

Extensions that start with 8 are system extensions, which can be queues, ring groups or digital receptionists. Please check your inbound call flow document for details on the system extensions used.

In this example, external caller dialled into a digital receptionist, call was then connected to extension 306 who then transferred the call over to 308 and in the end, call was transferred back over to 306.

As there were three separate conversation during one call, the call has three recordings.



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