Fax - Overview

Solgari Communicator can be used to send out faxes. See instructions below.

Inbound faxes can delivered to you email address, but this is set up outside of Communicator so let Solgari Support know if you need fax2email set up.

1. Recipient fax number (we recommend using full international format, see the note below these step-by-step instructions)

2. Cover Page editor (under construction)

3. File upload - you can upload multiple files to be sent at once. Note that the file cannot be in us in another program when sending.

Supported formats: txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, png, jpg

Tip! You can create a cover page with your contact details and add that as the first file for each send.

4. List of uploaded files

5. Postpone - use this feature if you want the fax to be automatically sent at a later time. Leave untouched if you want to send instantly.

All times are in local time. Drag the schedule window from the bottom right corner to reveal hours and minutes.

6. Send options - these will add detail to the fax and increase the send/receive time. These options are generally not needed for text documents, and  should be enabled only when needed.

High Resolution increases the resolution when rendering the image

Fine rendering optimizes the render type for images (grayscale)

7. Send  - you will get a confirmation message once the fax has been sent to the server to be processed.

If you see a red error message, hover above the message to get more details. Unsupported file formats and trying to send documents that are open in another window are the most common errors.

Number format to be used

Please use the following format; country code + phone number (without leading zero). There is no need to use + or 00/011 in front or the number.

For example; The Irish number 01-234567 would be correctly formatted as 3531234567


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