Attending a Forum Meeting from Computer

Forum is a no-install service that runs within the browser on your computer.

The supported browsers are

Before joining a meeting, it is highly recommended for all attendees to set up a headset or at least use headphones to avoid echo problems.

Built-in microphone and speakers can also be used, but this can cause echoes. If you do not have a headset or headphones and will be using built-in microphone and speakers, we recommend using Chrome version 69 or later.

To join a meeting;

  • Click on the link provided by the meeting host
  • A new tab opens on your default browser
  • Type in your name and click on ‘OK’
  • If using Forum for the first time, allow access to your microphone and camera

If you want to change the permissions or devices used later, this can be done through the browser settings. Most browsers have a shortcut to these settings on the address bar.

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