Functionalities Available in Forum


Share a Document
Documents uploaded to the meeting depository can be shared with meeting attendees. To upload new documents, click on the Upload icon. To see and share uploaded documents, click on the Folder icon.

Record a Meeting
Meetings can be recorded by clicking on the Record button. The meeting organizer can access the recordings through SUAS after the meeting has ended.

Bin icon can be used to clear the whiteboard and delete pages.

Undo / Redo
Use the arrow icons to undo and redo steps taken.

Select / Copy / Cut / Paste / Delete / Crop
To select and move objects on the whiteboard, use the select tool. Once an object has been selected, other functions can be used.

To print a page, click on the print icon.

The invite button opens a new email in your default email program, with the link to the meeting included in the body of the email. Alternatively, the link can be copied from the address bar and shared as required.

Adds a background grid to the whiteboard.

Share a Video
Meeting attendees can share a video by clicking on the Video button and adding in a link to the video. Once you’ve entered the link and click on OK, the video will be shared with all meeting attendees on the whiteboard.

Share Screen
Depending on the browser used, a plugin might be need before screen share can be accessed. If plugin is needed, a popup will advise you to download and install the required software. The plugin needs to be downloaded only once as long as it is not deleted.

You can choose to share either the entire screen or a specific application. Screen share can be stopped by clicking on the "Stop Sharing" button which appears on the bottom of your screen.

Allows users to ask a question from the meeting attendees. When clicked, a new window appears where the question and possible answers can be typed in. Once "Send" is clicked, all meeting attendees receive the question on their screen.

The attendee who starts a poll can decide whether to share the poll result with the other attendees.


The whiteboard can also be used for drawing. Drawing tools are available in the bottom left corner. More pages can be created on the whiteboard by clicking on the arrows on the bottom of the screen.


Chat is available for all meeting attendees, the icon is in the bottom right corner. To choose whether to send a message to everyone in the meeting or one attendee, click on the gear icon shown on the chat window.

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