SMS - Overview

 Solgari Communicator can be used to send out SMS. For this feature to function, SUAS logins need to be added in Communicator, General tab under the configuration window.

1. Receiver's phone number - correct format needs to be used - see note below

2. Sender name (ASA) - feature enables you to present a name as the sender, for example Solgari. Feature needs to be configured in and two way SMS is not available if used.

3. SMS conversation

4. Message is written here

5. Send button

6. Enable Flash - flash messages are shown on receivers phone only until they are seen and then deleted

7. Enable two way SMS - if enabled the receiver will be able to respond back. Receivers response will appear on the SMS conversation window.

8. Call the number added in the 'To' field


Number format to be used

Please use the following format; country code + phone number (without leading zero). There is no need to use + or 00/011 in front or the number.

For example; The Irish mobile number 0871234567 would be correctly formatted as 353871234567


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