Phone - Overview

Default keypad view 

1. Presence status (drop down)

2. Call info screen (used for video if enabled)

3. Keypad and call controls

4. Access to different tabs within the Phone app, in order;
- Keypad (the default view)
- Phonebook (central and/or synced)
- Call History
- Extensions & Presence (internal users)

5. Queue log in/log out - this enables user to receive/stop receiving queue calls.

6. Configuration (for user credentials etc.)



7. Access to SMS, please check the SMS article for details

8. Access to Chat, feature under construction

9. Access to Fax, please check the Fax article for details

While on a call the following buttons are shown 

1. Hold 

2. Blind Transfer

3. Keypad (to dial in IVR options etc.)

4. Mute - mute's the user's microphone

5. Video - enable video to be sent if the other party supports it

6. Attended Transfer (under construction)



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