Initial setup

The Solgari Support team will send you an email with specific instructions on how to download and set up the mobile app.

The set up is simple - you download the application and enter the username and password you will in the email. After that, the app will automatically configure itself to register with your extension.

Make sure to allow the app all the permissions it is asking for to make sure the app can operate normally. 


Using the app

With Bria Stretto you will be able to use your extension anywhere, provided the internet connection the phone/pad is using allows the service and is sufficient in bandwidth. You will be able take, make and transfer calls just as with your desk phone or computer softphone. 


Making Calls

See the below a list and a screenshot for the main screen functionalities.



1. Start call - simply dial the phone number you wish to call and press the green call button to initialize the call.

2. The Voicemail button - you can use to quickly access your voicemail 

3. Contact list - You can also use your phone's contact list to place calls

4. Call history - to view your placed, received and missed calls

5. Settings - Settings menu (used for logging out of the service and disabling the push registration, see the section on taking calls).


When on a call...

You have will have the following options during a call

  1. Mute - to mute your microphone
  2. Keypad - tap if you need to input digits to an IVR
  3. Speaker - to enable phone speaker
  4. Hold - to place the call on hold
  5. Add call - to initiate a second call (more on this later)
  6. More - this will show you options to 
    • Navigate back - to take you back to the main screen (without disconnecting the call)
    • Start recording the call. The file  will be saved locally on the phone. The other person will hear a beep when the recording starts. (Note that this has nothing to do with the compliant record & archiving service provided by Solgari)
    • Transfer - to transfer the call directly to another number (blind transfer)
    • Call Statistics - this will show you some technical details on the ongoing call  




Receiving calls

On an incoming call, you will see the call just like a regular call and answer it the same way.

The app uses push technology (from Apple and Google). This means that you will keep receiving extension calls even if you exit (swipe close) the application, or leave have it running in the background.

This is to enable receiving calls without keeping the application open in the background which would drain the device battery.

If you want to stop receiving these calls to your extension,

1. Open the SETTINGS page in the Bria app and

2. Select LOG OUT. The app will stop receiving calls.
Log back in when you are ready to take calls again.


Transferring Calls 

Blind transfer 

  • When on a call, tap MORE, then TRANSFER. This will take you to the main screen.
  • Dial in the number you wish to transfer to, or navigate to CONTACTS select a contact from the list.The transfer will be completed immediately.

Attended Transfer (aka warm transfer)

  • While on a call, select ADD CALL
  • Dial the number you will be transferring the call to (or choose it from the contacts) - the first call will be put on hold when you launch the second
  • Once you have spoken with the 2nd person and wish to transfer the 1st call to them, select MORE and "Transfer to". This will connect the 1st and 2nd calls and you will be dropped out.

Ad-Hoc Conference Call

If you wish to connect three parties into a conference call:

  • dial the 1st person and after they answer, choose ADD CALL and dial the second person (first one will be put on hold for a moment)
  • Once the second person picks up, you can merge these 3 parties (yourself, 1st person, 2nd person) by tapping MERGE on the phone screen.


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