Detailed Instructions for Scheduling a Meeting & Send Invites

Forum meetings are created in SUAS and logins are required to access the service.

To create a meeting;

  1. Login to SUAS and under Apps, go to Forum
  2. Interview Mode – allows attendees to enlarge video to full screen
    Please Note, this is only available for meetings between two parties
  3. Min. Video Panels – minimum amount of video panels shown
  4. Max. Video Panels – maximum of 8 video panels can be shown
  5. In the calendar – double click on the required date and time, click on ‘Options’
    1. Subject – add in meeting name
    2. Start Time & End Time or tick ‘All Day’ – fill in as needed, time can be chosen from the dropdown menu or typed in
    3. Time zone – if attendees are on different time zones, the meeting time is adjusted accordingly in their calendars
    4. Room – this feature is under construction
    5. Description – add in meeting details
    6. When all the fields have been filled in, click on ‘Save’ – after this a link is created and shown in the description field

To send out invites for a scheduled meeting;

  1. Right click on the meeting in the calendar – choose ‘Invite’
  2. Meeting invite will be created and can be saved locally – open the file when downloaded
  3. Add in attendees & meeting notes as needed and send out the invite

Please note!

  • Scheduled meetings can only be entered at the time of the meeting.
  • If a scheduled meeting runs out of time, the organiser can go to the scheduler and extend the time window (drag the box from the bottom) and enter it again using the same link.
  • After a meeting has been created, Interview mode setting and the amount of panels cannot be changed. If amendment is needed, a new meeting should be created.
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