Installing and configuring Zoiper on Android

Download the preferred version of Zoiper on your mobile, free or Premium. The Premium version will add call transfers and the ability to use multiple lines (putting the other line on hold while you make another call).

The Premium version has a one-time cost on the app store (ca. 5€). If you choose the premium version, the exact same configuration steps below apply.

Zoiper Lite (free) -

Zoiper Premium -


When you first open the app, it will ask if you wish to use a beta version of Zoiper, this is not recommended.


Tick ‘Do not show again’ and Cancel



To register the softphone for your extension, tap on the QR code icon bottom left and follow the instructions on the phone.


The softphone is registered for your extension straight away after you’ve scanned the above code.


Choose ‘Yes’ if asked about battery usage.


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