On-Boarding process

There is a standard customer on-boarding process that could be completed inside a single day depending on solution required. Typically, customer on-boarding for a particular location or team, happens over a 2 – 4 week period after the completion of the commercial requirements. It is always shorter if the customer only wants to use software phones on the users’ computers and smart phones. The estimated delivery time for IP Phones is 15 working days. Set up is usually very simple in a greenfield office scenario where no existing system is being replaced.

The steps to the provisioning of Solgari’s service are;

  1. Completion of a short technical checklist per each office location to allow Solgari technical team to sign off on the broad requirements of the solution prior to contract completion.
  2. Define the solution required, how should calls behave, are IP Phones required etc.
  3. If porting is required, provide proof of ownership for numbers in question, this is required to check if porting is possible.
  4. Sign commercial contract online, including the description of the service requirement and pay initial invoice.
  5. Ensure network is optimised as per Solgari guidelines.
  6. If needed, set up the pre-configured IP Desk Phones once they are delivered.
  7. Test the solution.
  8. When and only if requested, each user will receive a welcome email which includes extension, pin and details for setting up a softphone.
  9. Account is ready to Go Live with the Solgari system.

Please see below high level flowchart for the On-Boarding process in PDF format.

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