What kind of IT resources are required with Solgari?

If you take the decision to subscribe to Solgari services, you are essentially outsourcing your business communications requirements to the cloud and reducing the requirement for internal IT focus on this key area. Once you are live, Solgari handles all changes, additional services and any support requirements you may have.

However, Solgari is not responsible for your network nor for setting up any IP Desk Phones you use as part of our solution. Therefore, you must either have the capability to set up your network internally or else through an IT partner that our technical team can liaise with.

Post Go Live any required changes should be sent over to Solgari Support by dedicated admins. If issues are reported, admins should be available for troubleshooting. All underlying technical requirements are taken care of by Solgari.

We do not provide an administration interface to you as you are outsourcing all your telephony requirements to us. The premise behind this is that the legacy approach to telephony always had internal staff working on and adjusting IT set up. We believe in a true global cloud service that this is completely redundant and all requirements must be fulfilled by Solgari.

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