Is voice quality an issue with a cloud based service?

It is with consumer focused VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) vendors which don’t provide tier 1 voice quality. The two key drivers of voice quality are;  
 - Available data connection 
 - How simultaneous calls are handled

In Solgari’s case we help our prospective customer perform Quality of Service (‘QOS’) tests on their data connection to ensure they have sufficient broadband capacity to use our services. Crucially, our VoIP service is tier 1 quality whereby we will only allow one simultaneous call per 92kb of broadband capacity.
This will be prioritized over all other internet applications the business is using and ensures that call quality is crystal clear. Provided the data connection is sufficient and set up correctly, Solgari’s VoIP service provides a ‘measure of sound’ performance that is excellent.

Solgari ensures there is never a single point of failure that could impact our customer’s voice service. Our carrier grade Intel chassis is hosted in Verizon call centers in multiple locations with dual operating systems to ensure failover. We are a regulated telecoms provider and as result our voice traffic is routed through the worldwide Points of Presence of a number of global carriers ensuring we can deliver call traffic anywhere.

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