Does the Mobile App Open for Incoming Calls?

You must have the app open in the background to receive calls. In addition, for iPhones we can deploy the push feature which will make the app available to answer calls to your extension even if in the background or if the phone is locked. Push service can be requested from Solgari Support.

Note below two very important tips around using the mobile app for incoming calls:

  1. We cannot control the Apple Push service and sometimes it can be slow to react. Therefore we recommend that you allow for at least 10 seconds for your extension to ring before it forwards to any other number. For example, if your extension is set to forward a call to your mobile after 5 seconds, there is a strong likelihood that the app will not react in time and you will end up receiving the call on your mobile rather than through the app.

  2. If you are travelling, and you always want to receive calls to your extension on your mobile app, we would recommend just having your mobile app open and not having your softphone open at the same time on another device. The reason is that, the other device (for example a laptop) would receive the call first because the mobile app push is not instantaneous. Therefore, by making the mobile app the only end point where your extension is available will drive the call there once it is pushed.
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