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Firstly, just think about your telephony requirements – it starts with making and receiving calls, how incoming calls are routed through your business and can be highly customized and complicated in larger companies with multiple offices and call centers. Then think about all your collaboration requirements – video & audio conferencing, desktop & screen sharing, messaging, presence. Finally you may have compliance and security requirements such as the need to collect credit cards in a PCI DSS compliant manner, the need to record and archive calls and possibly even the need to encrypt calls.

Solgari is the only global provider of all these cloud business communications requirements through an integrated cloud software platform. Choose what you need, where you need and use through an IP Deskphone, Software Phone on your tablet or laptop, Mobile App on your smart phone or simply across your browser for collaboration.

Cloud Business Telephony & Web Collaboration – includes every feature in an enterprise class telecoms solution such as dial tone, hunt groups, ad hoc call recording, digital receptionist, conferencing, presence, instant messaging, desktop sharing & video conferencing.

Cloud Call Archiving – retain calls forever including the ability to search & retrieve within minutes. Typical used to meet compliance or training requirements.

Cloud Contact Centre – intelligent automatic call distribution across different teams in any location, includes integration into core IT systems, agent groups, skills based routing, erlang management and real time monitoring.

Interactive Voice Response – includes multi-lingual IVR, Interactive Voice Response, solutions such as self-service lines, voice recognition and PCI DSS compliant credit card payments.

Cloud Predictive Dialling – provides outbound focused contact centres with the ability to reach their target databases through features such as Progressive Dialer, Abandonment Rate Throttle, Call Preview, Campaign Specific Retry and Campaign Scheduling.

Solgari Connect - This is a Web Real Time Communication (‘WebRTC’) service that allows you to simply make an audio or video call straight over your browser at no cost and without needing a phone of any description. Solgari Connect is usually found on our customer’s website allowing the visitor to reach the company’s support or sale team quickly and with no cost. The button could point at a specific person’s phone extension or a phone queue with, for example, all the sales team extensions in it.

New Numbers – Solgari as a telco can not only carry our customer voice traffic globally, we can also provide local numbers anywhere removing the requirement for a local carrier per each country.

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