Network Requirements for Softphones

The most important point to understand around the use of the softphone and mobile app is that it connects back to Solgari’s cloud platform through whatever network you have available to you. So for example, this could be across your company’s internal wifi network, it could be across an external wifi network in a hotel for example or it could simply be across a 3G/4G network, if you are using the mobile app while travelling. While your office network should be optimised for the delivery of the Solgari service to all devices, we have no control over the networks you are using and service quality may be impacted if the network quality is insufficient. No different to using a mobile phone or a landline.

We would recommend you to consider the following in relation to the deploying the Software Phones and Mobile Apps:

If you intend to use them internally, test them in advance of releasing to all users. For example, even if the IP Deskphones are working perfectly on the network, customers may have circumstances where the computers are on a different network and of course the Wifi is a different network again. Any issues that arise out of testing the softphone and mobile app internally may need additional network optimisation which should be straightforward if required.

Using the softphone and mobile apps externally is perfect in most situations, however if there is a call quality issue or if the application is unable to register it is most likely network related and outside of our control.

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