Creating a Webmeeting


From the Softphone client for Windows or Mac; 

Click the [Conference] icon on the bottom of the Softphone,

And select [Create 3CX WebMeeting]

To add external participants;
Enter their name and email in the respective fields and click on the plus sign

To add internal participants;
Click on the [Add from phonebook] button and select the contacts required

When all participants are added, click [Next] 

On the [Meeting Info] screen;
Add the [Subject] of the web meeting,
Anything added to [Notes to participants] will be included in the invite email,
Schedule when the meeting will take place, along with the meeting’s duration. 

Once all the details are included, either click on; 
[Schedule] will send out invites for attendees for a future meeting,
[Start Now] will send out the invites for an immediate meeting


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