Softphone Tips

General Tips

  • Using normal music headphones in conjunction with an internal laptop microphone may in some cases result in less than optimal call quality
  • To ensure optimal call quality we would recommend using a good quality Telephone Headset
  • Exit any other telephony applications that may be running


Tell the Softphone which Microphone and Speaker you will be using(Windows/MacOS)

  1. Click on  then Audio Options
  2. Under Audio Devices, select your microphone and speaker


Optimize Microphone Volume Setting(Windows)

By default the microphone volume in Windows can be often set to a volume level which is too high for high quality audio. Follow these steps to correct the volume level

  1. Right click on the  icon and select Recording Devices
  2. Ensure that your microphone is configured as the Default Device by clicking on the microphone to highlight it and then click Set Default
  3. Select your microphone and click Configure
  4. Click on Set up microphone and follow the instructions to optimise the volume level


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